Getting There
Your Path to Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to eat better, but how do I do it?
I offer nutritional counseling, supermarket savvy, restaurant menu guidance, lifestyle diet changes and support.
I know what I SHOULD be eating, but how do I make myself do it?
I provide behavior modification strategies along with the nutritional information. Together, we can figure out the best way for YOU to reach your nutritional/wellness goals.
I have diabetes/heart disease/an intestinal disorder. Can you help me get better?
It is very important that you consult your physician regarding any major health concerns. Your physician will have dietary guidelines for you to follow, or will refer you to a registered dietitian. After you have your nutritional plan, I can help you implement it.
What is nutritional counseling?
Nutritional counseling provides you with information on various nutritional topics along with behavior modification strategies to help you attain your nutritional goal.
How often do I need to meet with a nutrition and wellness consultant?
The frequency of sessions is determined after we identify your goals and needs.
I want to lose 20 pounds quickly. Can you help me do that?
I can help you lose the weight you wish to lose, but it may not be quick. My goal is to help you lose those 20 pounds in a healthy manner AND give you the tools you need to keep them off.

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