Getting There
Your Path to Wellness

What Is Your Path to Wellness?

The path to wellness consists of daily decisions and actions that result in a state of general health and wellbeing. You must pay attention to all these areas:

  • healthy weight
  • flexibility
  • muscle strength
  • cardiac fitness
  • good body composition
  • good energy levels

Missy O'Donovan

Wellness Facilitator
Nutrition & Wellness Consultant
Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT)
Registered Yoga Teacher (200 RYT)

There is a balance that is individual to each person. I can help you find the path, or way, that is the BEST for YOU to achieve your specific balance. Once we figure out the best way to achieve your personal health goals, you will feel empowered to continue on your path and maintain your state of wellness on your own.

× I will provide nutritional information that will help you reach your goals. This will range from general information to food plans to supermarket and restaurant guidance. If you have a medical condition that requires particular nutritional guidelines, you must first seek counsel from your physician and/or a registered dietician. Once you have those guidelines in hand, I can help you to implement the changes required.
× I will help you determine and implement behavior modification strategies that will lead to your wellness goals.
× Yoga is a wonderful tool for anyone working toward and maintaining wellness. It helps with stress management, flexibility, anatomical and physiological stabilization, balance, cardiovascular fitness and many other health-related issues. As a registered yoga teacher, I can help you use these benefits in many ways, from instructing you in a few poses, showing you breath technique, or guiding you through an entire class.
× In addition to scheduled nutritional counseling sessions, I am available by email to support you on your path to wellness.
× Because of my lifelong experience with food issues, I have a unique understanding of the obstacles, setbacks, frustrations, and exhilarations related to finding your path to wellness. I will guide you on your path until you are ready to continue on your own.
× There will be no starvation and no special weight loss supplements. Together we will find the combination of healthy eating decisions and activities that will help you attain and maintain your healthy weight.

Contact Me

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If you live in the Greater Metro Denver area and you would like to set up an appointment, either to talk with me about wellness guidance and support or to set up a private yoga session, call:

Whole Health Center in Lone Tree at 303-470-1995